All About Beautiful Skincare

Beauty is something that many people would say is only surface deep. When the outer layer of skin changes with age, some of the perceived beauty can be lost, but that’s not necessarily what has to happen. The skin on our body is the largest organ we have, and it changes over time. It does not have to lose its beauty, though. If you have the right antiaging skincare routine, you can retain your beauty for longer.

With Neriumoceania skincare cream, you can have beautiful skin and keep it. You have to know how to apply these products as well, and that’s what we want to talk about here, since it is a vital part of making this skincare product work for you.

Pat and then Rub

Most skincare lotions will contain instructions to rub the lotion until it is absorbed by the skin if you rub too vigorously, though, then you can damage your skin, especially the more delicate parts on your throat and around your eyes.  It is far better to pat the lotion onto the skin at first and then spread it gently in small, circular motions. It will absorb a bit slower, but this is much safer for your skin.

How to Use Your Fingers Properly

When you apply moisturiser to your face, be sure to use only your two middle fingers. Your index finger is probably very rough on the tip, and that can be abrasive to your skin. It’s bad enough to rub your skin with this finger, but even worse to apply lotion there. If you play a musical instrument, though, then your middle fingers may be rougher, and you should use the softest fingers you can.

Application Motion

You will usually see instructions on skincare products that you need to apply them to certain areas, but there are no specific instructions on how to apply them. The best way to apply our skincare lotion is to use the proper application technique for each area. Keep in mind that different parts of your face require different types of care.

Eye Application- Just place a drop of the Neriumoceania eye serum on your skin near the eye using your middle fingers. Pat that around the eye and ensure it is absorbed into the skin under the eye and on the eyelid.

Nose Application- Use your middle finger to apply a dab of the lotion and pat it on the base of your nose and then along the outside edges of the nose up until you hit the ridge between your eyes.

Forehead Application- Just use a drop or two on our middle fingers and apply it to your forehead. Pat it gently in circular motions, starting from centre of the forehead out to the edges. Make sure you get the edges of your hairline and the corners around your eyes.

Jawline and Lip- Application- Pat a single drop of lotion with your middle fingers onto the upper lip. Pat it outward to the corners of your mouth and then move it along the underside of your lower lip and around your jawline.

Cheeks and Lower Face Application- Take three drops of lotion on your middle fingers and pat it from the chin upward to just above your cheeks. Stop once you reach the underside of your eyes.

Throat Application- Use about three drops of lotion on the small V at your throat’s base. Be sure to use your two middle fingers to massage the lotion gently up and outward until you get to your chin and to the back of your ears.

You only need to use a little lotion at once, and if there is any excess, then you should wipe it off. Be sure your skin absorbs some of the lotion, though. You only need to use a few drops at a time of Neriumoceania because it is so potent. Once you use it the right way, you will see for yourself how effective it is.